Okay, I received a fair bit of hassling when I posted this in another forum because of the minimal information, but I thought I'd try one more time, because I'm haunted by this incredible song.

It's a really cool beautiful low-key song that seems to be a fairly recent hit (last six months/year??), but not on the big charts... I've heard it a couple of times in stores over their sound systems, but the clerks I've asked haven't known the artist or title.

It's very mellow with a feeling of depth and complexity. I've tried strumming the hook and it seems like it's simply C for a bit and then E minor. It might then segue to an F.

It's a guy singing -- he has kind of an Elliott Smith vibe, but more of a flowing sound. Very hypnotic.

I can't hear any of the words because they're sung so mellowly and indistinctly. Otherwise, Bob's your uncle, I'd have googled the answer. :S

The most distinctive element that I can describe is an extended drum segment at the end that kind of reminded me of a laid-back version of the drum solo in the Foo Fighters' "Everlong."

Can anyone identify this??? I keep running around with my cell phone ready to hit #SONG to try that music ID technology, but of course now I never hear it anymore.

absolutely no idea. wish there was more to go on... look, if you ever find out what it was, please let us know, cos i really want to know now!

good luck!
Will do, Paul -- and thanks for not making me feel like the worst person on the Internet for asking.
Trying to get a fix on this song on Pandora, it played Matt Pond PA and Wilco, and there was a similar vibe there... in case that jolts a connection in someone somewhere.