Lately I have been looking for a new guitar, within the $800 to $1000 range. I had been looking really hard at the Schecter C-1 line, because I want a guitar for some mild to heavy distortion (my Squier sounds like crap when the gain knob is turned up past half). I play anything from punk to metal. I use my Squier for the cleaner stuff. I have done my fair of searching around for the past few months and I have found a few canidates. Now I am stuck between a C-1 Hellraiser and the Classic. I absolutley love the tone of the SD's on the Classic, but the Hellraiser not only has EMG's, but it has a coil tap feature that I have tried out and like. Does anyone have an opinion on either one?

Also, another thing that I ran across was Washburn Guitars. Has anyone heard about the Buzz Feiten Tuning System? Supposedly it makes your guitar stay in tune like a piano.

I would appreciate any suggestions for other brands that I should look at. I have looked into ESP and didn't find anything too special worth noting.

Oh, and another thing is I want a Hardtail. Sorry, but FR's are a pain in the arse. And yes, I used the searchbar. I found some stuff, but it didn't answer my questions.

Lastly, does anyone have an opinion on the BOSS MD-2?
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I would strongly recommend the Classic. I have both the Classic and the Hellraiser (7 string) and without a doubt the Classic the better choice. This is coming from a guy who plays strictly metal.

The Classic has a better neck profile (not to thick, not too thin, the Hellraiser feels like a baseball bat), better inlays, and better color choices (antique amber = best color ever).

Both guitars have coil splits, but VERY different pickups. The JB\Jazz setup on the Classic is just perfect (for me) because the JB gives you excellent bite and clarity for rhythm, and the Jazz gives you both very smooth lead tones and over the top cleans.
The Hellraiser has EMG's and they're EMG's. Their tone's kind of meh for me because it is SO sterile, especially for cleans.

Pickups are a matter of preference but I recommend the Classic's JB\Jazz setup because it is one of the most versatile pickup combinations and have better cleans, and a more organic feel to them.

But try both of them out and see which one YOU like best UG cant decide for you
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You could take a look at Jackson, there are also some ESPs with SDs that are worth looking at.

Between the two, and looking at what you want to play, the Classic would be my choice.

I played one through a JSX not too far back, and I absolutely loved everything about it.
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Thanks, I will definetely have to go down to GC sometime and try out the Classic.
Get a Carvin. Do it.