I think it's about time that i looked into a tube amp, but being a poor college student I really can't save much money!

I'd like not to spend more than 500 USD or so. I'm really looking for tones like The Used, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Green Day, Rise Against, etc. Usually really distorted and such.

The amp I have now is a 50 Watt Fender-GDEC, and I'd like to go louder, or stay the same. Even an extra ten watts would probably be good.

By the way, I also need good clean tones, and the amp can't be huge. Any advice?
Peavey Classic 30 with preamp gain maxed
Peavey Valveking with a speaker swap
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I'm looking at the Peavy Valveking 112 and 212. It seems the only difference is the Watts. I might go with the 112 to save money? Any thoughts on that?
Nah, don't go valveking unless you truly like the sound. I personally don't so whatever. You can get the crate series real cheap now.

Actually you can get the head + cab version for like 400 bucks or something.
Hmmm. Yeah guys, if you can't tell, I'm completely new to buying amps. I've only had one amp besides my starter set, and that was a gift. I really don't know what I'm looking for...
Peavey XXX combo

one of the best in the price range
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Peavey XXX combo

one of the best in the price range

Could I see a link?
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get the vavleking 112. there good amps.

First of all, it is they're not there.

Second, they aren't that good. OK at best. He has better options for $500.


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For punk, get a used Peavey Classic 30... they have all the gain you need.
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That looks very nice, but does a 40 watt tube amp go louder than a 50 watt solid-state? I really don't want to have an amp that can't go as loud as my 50 watt g-dec. It's hard enough to hear myself when I play in my friends basement over the drummer. I wanted something the same or louder.
40 tube is louder than 50 ss...
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Peavey XXX sounds good for you.

Just for reference, Valvekings are good, but for $500, they're not the best you can get.

I love mine right now with just a speaker swap and a few tiny mods.

dude watch this.


and save up a bill and get this.

the prices for these are always around the same price range.
dont buy a valvking.
or a crate.
or a XXX.
when compared to this amp your just wasting your money.
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40 tube is louder than 50 ss...

Much louder.

Also, I may have a YCV50 for sale really soon now that I've gotten my Mark IV, though may keep it as a practice amp or for the clean channel. If you'd be interested in it at all (and live in the US) you can PM me (it has a full set of JJ high gain tubes from Eurotubes and would come with a new set of the original tubes I never used).
Thanks everybody, I think I know what I need to to decide on an amp. Thanks again!
Peavey classic 30. Light and loud enough for gigs, good cleans, great distortion, works well with pedals and great price!.

buy it used for like 300 and spend 200 in extras.