Oh good lord, i played this bad bitch yesterday at guitar center.

now note: i learned to play on an epiphone sg, and the neck on this guitar was extremely fast, so i felt comfortable playing it the first time.

When selecting an amp i decided to go with some easy plug-and-play line6.
and god ****ing damn,this bitch was like a ****ing blowjob whilst playing, ****ing leads, ****ing riffs, ****ing chords, **** yea. matter-of-fact, im never playing another ****ing guitar. thats right, i hated the dk2.

**** you ug, this guitar was ****ing great for my budget and i dont regret my ****ing purchase you communist ****.

(lol, japanmade guitar)
Digital Distribution sucks.
...go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here

as good as it gets ftw
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I don't believe anyone ever said the DKMG was bad, it's a pretty sweet guitar.

You're a tool though so *reported*
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