Hey people! I am here to weed out some info on specific wah pedals I already have a Ibanez Weeping Demon but i must say that you can NEVER have too many wah's

So any info on these particular ones:
-Rocktron Classic Wah
-Rocktron Tri-Wah
-Rocktron Black Cat Wah with moan effect.

I am looking for a singing wah tone like of Michael Amott. Kind of like the Vox 847 has but it has to be true bypass and affordable. I play High gain stuff but i don't go all Kirk Hammet but i use Wah for more of the bluesy/Amott kind of solos. I want the wah to have a nice sweep and that i can easily find "that" spot which i can push down to in middle of a bend to get my guitar to sing

Teh WD-7 is great...i just want to experiment and get something else too!

I was thinking about the Classic Wah because it is very cheap and heard good things about it. Then there is the Tri-Wah which is basically like a Classic Wah but with 2 more "types" of wah. The black cat i suspect is way too extreme for me.

Thanks in advance, people!

Oh btw! I mailed Rocktron about if the Classic Wah is true bypass and i got the answer that all their Wah pedals are true bypass.

I already posted in the Ultimate Wah Thread but judging from the posts before me the place is pretty dead. So im'a do the wrong thing and make this thread. BITE ME!
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I want to ask two questions about Rocktron Black Cat Moan:
1. What is the difference between classic and normal modes?
2. The combineb button: i don't hear any difference between on or off.

Thank you.
I have the Tri-Wah. It's actually quite good. It's basically a modified Crybaby/V847. The sweep switch has usable tones.