anyone know anything about it? its dirt cheap for a tube head which makes me think it sucks but i'm just wondering. i'm currently saving for my first tube amp which will probably be a fender blues junior plus a good overdrive. i play classic rock and blues like zeppelin, guns and roses, clapton, and some ac/dc.
dave matthews might.. just.. be.. god..

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yes, pointing it at your head will send the sound towards your head.

it's the same with guns too, before you go testing that one.
It kicks ass is what I say.

I own one, and it hangs in a full band setting. Surprisingly, I was able to get a nice stoner rock sound out of it.

And I play copious amounts of blues, which it can do very well.

I've had it for a short amount of time though, so I don't know full and well about it's durability.

FWIW, it kicks the shit out of a stock Blues Junior.
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I would get the combo version of it. It would be awesome for what you want and cheaper than a BJ or the head/cab version.

Head+2x12 cab>2x12 combo.

More versatility, and easier to transport.
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Yeah, but he would save money with the combo and could use it for something useful like an OD or new speakers.

The head + a good, cheap, used cab would be better in the long run. I didn't want to deal with the stock Crate speakers, so I didn't bother with them.

The head+cab is only 50$ more anyway.
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Well if I was going to get a cab, I would load it with speakers I would never have to upgrade. Same thing with the combo. It would just be cheaper for the combo. I'm just a frugal person though.

The thing about getting a Head and cab is that you can switch heads. So if you get a 2x12 with good speakers, you'd have the ability to get cheap, used amp heads and have a cab to play it through.

Also, if he got a head and cab, he could sell the head if he got tired of it and keep the cab.

Also, there is a chance that he already has a cab.

Just saying.