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So Ramen is the cheapest, best tasting food ever.
And my mom decides to buy the cheaper, off-brand version.... It tastes like fail.

Cover it in peanut butter.

You will not regret it.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
I like wal-mart's off brand Oriental Style Ramen.
It's only five cents a pack.
Poor ftw.
Did she get Maruchen or Top Ramen?


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what this man says is correct.

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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

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Did she get Maruchen or Top Ramen?

We usually get Maruchen, but she got a whole box (12 packs) of "Jehling" Ramen...
Stupid Aldi poor person store.