Would trade for: Dimarzio pickups(Air norton, Breed, Tone zone, or similar) or some of the higher end effect pedals.

(Black unless mentioned otherwise. Include spring claw, springs, no posts/anchors unless mentioned)
Ibanez Floyd Rose from RG: 70$
Ibanez Edge Lo Pro: 185$
Ibanez Lo TRS II: 70$
Ibanez Lo TRS II (gold): 70$
Ibanez ZR Trem+Posts (Cosmo/black chrome): 200$
Ibanez Original Edge (cosmo) 130$
Ibanez Original Edge (gold): 130$
Ibanez Edge III: 130$
Ibanez Anchors (Thick): 20$
Ibanez Anchors (Thin): 20$
Jackson Dinky Pro DK-2 Bridge+Posts: 90$
Can we get some pics of the trems? specifically the ibanez ones
Ibanez RG7321
Jackson Randy Rhoads V with Floyd Rose
Peavey Valveking 112
Digitech RP70 Guitar Processor
Here are the pics:

The Lo-TRS and Lo-TRS IIs

The Jackson and the Ibanez LFR

The two Edge bridges

The Zero resistance bridge and the Edge III