Right now, I have a Traynor YCV50 Blue, with stock Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, and the crappy stock tubes (Sovteks?)

What speaker and tube changes would I have to make to have more of a jazz-fusion tone (think EJ), but to also be able to do classic rock and the like?

Any help's appreciated, UG.
i really like those vox whaferdafles for what you mentioned, but hell if i know id be happy with the 30.
your ganna have to fiddle with diffrent tubes for the preamp section to get the tone you want so that part aint that easy.
lol vintage 30's are pretty good, you wont get muchy better than that
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there the ones on the vox ac15, wich is a great amp for jazz and blues.

Can you link me to some info on them maybe? I can't seem to find much on them, but they have peaked my interest.