A guy is selling Schecter Omen 6 and fender frontman 15 for $150 is this a good deal.
Are you just starting guitar?

If so, then yes, if not, you could do better.

You shouldn't worry too much about tone when you first start out.
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not a bad deal. the guitar itself goes for 300 new, so if its in decent shape its not a bad price for a beginner's setup.
Schetcher are a good-ish make so if your starting out buy it for sure.
The amp is good aswell, I play my guitar on one
$150 is a pretty decent price for a starting rig like that. i'd say go for it.
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Yeah the guitar alone is worth it.
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id say though, if you are just starting out, sometime down the road if you stick with it/start to develop skills... you might want to upgrade the amp before thinking you need a new guitar. ive had some bad experiances with that amp, and once you start to develop an ear and what good tone and bad tone sounds like, you'll start to hear how bad the amp really is.

but for the guitar and the amp, 150 is a really great price!
great deal if it's your first pack. the Omen is a very solid guitar (at least my 7 is) and the frontman is an okey first amp.
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