I am in the process of rebuilding an old 70's-80's les paul copy. Everything on it besides the body itself is parts from an old Ibanez artist. The original pickups i would like to replace. they are to warm sounding. They sound like a pillow is in front of the amp. im going to put some cheapo knock off pickups in that have gold covers just because it will look cool on the white guitar. The hardware is all gold so it will match. Ok point of story: The guitar right now is very poorly wired. i mean theres random wires sticking out that i dont even know what they go to. And its not properly grounded. after i get the new pickups, is it in any way possible that i can just completely rewire the entire guitar with new wires and not replace the pots or switch. Question #2: how do i know if i need to replace the pots? after all they are over 25 years old. they should still work fine shouldnt they?

- thanks
If you don't have experience in rewiring a Les Paul, you can buy pre wired circuitry, including the components, off eBay for a reasonable price.
well i have a couple schematics saved on my computer. i will put a picture up here to show you in a minute.
Pots and switches are cheap, just go ahead and replace them. Why spend big $$$ on pickups and have shoddy wiring componets and pots. As far as the wires sticking out, those might just be the "xtra" wires that are on most humbuckers that are used when coil splitting.
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anyway, yeah, replace everything....if its that poorly wired, then the pots other components probably suck....
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anyways back on track.

Well the pots and all the hardware is off of an older Ibanez Artist. They are push button pots w/ coil tap.

OK so here is a picture of the guitar that i am working on.

i want to swap out the pickups, i already have them picked out. it sounds to muffled with the ibanez pickups in right now and it has way too much static from poor grounding.

any suggestions?
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