Okay... ive looked around for advice on this and i cannot find any.

Ive got hold of a body/neck for a guitar im going to build and im going to want to buy volume and tone pots and maybe a switch.
There is the traditional; one volume, one tone, 5 way switch layout on the body, but im only going to install one kickass bridge pickup rather than 3 cuz i dont quite have the money and rarely use the neck/middle pickups on my other guitars anyway.

So here are the questions:

1. I need someone to explain the whole 250K, 500K, 1000K blah blah ratings for me, i have no idea what the difference of the rating will do for my tone, but i will want a high output and im planning on putting a seymour duncan invader pickup in my guitar so any advice relating to that is good .

2. Since im only going to have one pickup, would a new pickup selector switch work as a killswitch, or is there such thing as a killswitch which will fit in the traditional 5 way switch screwholes, any help on fitting a killswitch is good as i use all the switches on my guitars as killswitches and would be lost without one haha.

3. Is a gain switch a good idea?... i was thinking maybe hook up and hide a tone pot in the back cavity, constantly set to maximum treble (which it will always be set to so dont worry) and maybe fitting a gain switch in the slot, would this work along with the killswitch?

4. Any advice on makes/brands of these parts is grateful, im not too sure on which ones to go for, until then ill just look around for the best prices and reviews.

All advice is grateful and thanks in advance
250k for single coils, 500k for humbuckers, 1meg will give bright humbuckers I think (so you will want a 500k for the invader)

A 5 way switch would be kinda pointless, but I guess you could wire it so that in 1 position i was the bridge, and all other positions it acted as a kill switch.

Would you really use a gain switch? It would work along with a KS yeah, and btw if you dont use tone control you could just by pass it.

Alpha and CTS are good pots as far as I know.

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