hi guys i have just put a set of seymore duncan alicino pros in my lp and a new potentiometors. i wired as per the wiring diagram but when the tone controls are turned up you get a constand hum turn the tone right down and the hum goes it also goes when i touch the bridge with my finger im pretty sure i have wired it up propely any ideas?
Check the grounding. If its not properly grounded, itll definately buzz, and stop when you touch metal i think.
It might be a ground, but it's probably because of the toggle switch being so far away from the control cavity. I had the same problem when I put new pickups in my Explorer. I bought some pickup cable, that has like five wires inside of one big one, and used that to run to the toggle, instead of the squirelly individual wiring job I had done previously. So yeah, check your ground, and see how well you're sheilded.
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sounds like the ground to me. did you heat the connections well when you soldered them, or did you just melt the solder onto the wire? you have to heat the wire and the terminal thoroughly for the solder to adhere properly, or it will just break loose.