Hey Guys

I really like this guitar, SV5470F, it's so versatile and it plays and feels very good, but I'm mostly into the higher gain end of music, and i have concerns that it doesn't look badassed or metal enough. Am i being concerned of something that's just absurd or is the look of the guitar important

Here's the guitar,

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I could picture someone playing metal on that. Not a bad picture at all. If you're really concerned, just repaint it...? I think it looks great as it is though.
it looks fine 2 me...
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Yea i just i was just a little paranoid.

maybe its because i was comparing it to a Jackson SL1 with skull graphics on it.

Thanks guys.
No it looks cool. You'll be visible on stage. You can even play a guitar which is such a bright color like this one http://www.ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=RG770DX and still look badass.
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