Alright basically I have been playing guitar for a few years now and felt like picking up some basic recording stuff. All I have is my Behringer amp, my laptop, and a firebox. I am using the Cubase program it came with since I don't have enough to get Sonar. Anyways my problem is that I got the firebox hooked to the laptop and I am getting sound there. Well the little bar goes up when I strum. But since I don't have headphones I was wondering if I could get output through my amp. There are a few line outs on the back of the firebox and my amp has the input, and aux channel, a couple of inserts with send/return by them and slave channels. When I tried to plug it into the regular input i just got a lot of white noise. Any help would be very much appreciated on how to get a little sound back!

Thanks Knuckl