so about 2 minutes ago i'm pretty sure i played the best music i have in my life. it was exactly what i had been trying to get out of my head for a long time.

i was just sitting here doing my homework, got up, and started playing.

and now i have no idea what the **** i just played.

does anyone have a problem of playing something great, then completely forgetting it? or am i just retarded?
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Nah sometimes I play nothing but crap, and then sometimes I'm playing amazing stuff.

If it's really amazing, I make a point of practising it a thousand more times afterwards so that I don't forget it. Although there is the odd time where I don't remember it (most of the time, actually).
Download audacity for free, then hit record when you feel something coming on.
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That's why I record it or write it down if I write something really good.
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I used to have that problem, but now I just keep paper, pens and post-its wherever I'm playing.

Oh yeah, by the way, do you think AUDACITY records your playing, then gives it to boy bands like the Jonas Brothers. Because that would be funny, but gay at the same time.
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i need a mic so bad!! what would be the best mic to use to record with audacity??
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