i was considering painting an acoustic but i dont want to deal with the tone change... so what kind of paint should i use for an electric, id have to sand it down correct? anyways i was told to use lacquer or shellac for an acoustic, is that the same for electrics?
You need to sand down to the point where the paint is dull. Then prime, paint, and laquer with a car paint. You may find it's more than it's worth though. I painted mine a few months ago now, and it still isn't working again.

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ReRanch.com has really nice guitar lacquer, or you can also just use automotive paint.

Personally, I just bought some paint from auto zone and went to work. I used about a can of red paint (or is it technically lacquer?) and almost an entire can of clear. I didn't put nearly enough clear on, and I've read that it can take as much as two cans.

Your call, someone else might have better advice.

EDIT: Listen to the guy above me. Just remove all of the electronics and neck so that you have a bare wooden body, and then scuff the current paint up with some sandpaper. If you want, you can sand the body all of the way down, but you don't really need to. Prime, paint, clear coat, and wet sand as necessary. This is an extremely condensed version, but you can find better tutorials around the net. Finishing takes a lot of time, and then you have to leave the guitar alone for about two weeks so that the lacquer can cure. After that, reassemble and string it up and play on.
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