I am thinking about learning For My Father by Andy Mckee. The A string is tuned to a C do i tune up 2 steps or just keep tuning down to a C? I am asking this because i am not very formiliar with these tunings and i do not want to break a string.
Any help is appreatiated.

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uhh...not quite sure,thoug id imagine youd tune up.

but just in case,id have an extra string lying around
i dont have AD.....ooo,shiny
I am not 100% sure because I didn't hear the song, but I would also guess that you should go UP to C. Listen really close to the song....is the C dark and low or does it sound bright? That would probably be your best clue. If you have a link to the song or youtube video, plz post it.


edit: I found the song on youtube.


Looks like he's got a capo on the 3rd fret, which would make the A sound like C.
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