I am planning on buying one, but I have never tried it. How does it sound? Is it any good? Is it built in America or Mexico?
if its a real one i'd assume it would have been made in america....
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I'm pretty sure the 51' is Crafted In Japan.
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It's a new 2007/8 Bass made with new materials, that's all it will ever be until around 2065.
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First off Fitz owns this bass, so you may want to PM him for more info or wait until he responsds to this thread. Unless I am completely mistaken, its a MIJ.

I adore this bass--but its one of those bass I have absolutely no good reason to own from a practical standpoint except that its a really nice classic sounding bass and looks sweet.
I have an MIJ 51 Precision reissue, and they're now CIJ. This is good, considering the 50's Precision reissue is MIM.

The two-saddle bridge is a bit of a drag, and the small frets may be a bit different to the touch, but other than that, it's all gravy. That 51 Precision pickup has all the grunt and bark of a Precision bass, but has a lot of the clarity of a single coil Jazz. Sure, you get the hum, but that means you're getting the full range. There's not a pickup that sounds exactly like it.

Also, besides the all-maple neck, it has the 'proper' 1.625" nut width, not the crazy 1.75" nut width of third and fourth generation Precisions (i.e. maple neck Strat style with the anodized pickguard, and the rosewood necked Strat style).
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The C in CIJ stands for 'Crafted' right?
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The C in CIJ stands for 'Crafted' right?

Sure does. Fitz, how is this beast versatility-wise? Is it much different from a normal P in terms of tone? I read your description and now I'm sort of interested, either in this or possibly the '62 reissue with that "crazy 1.75" nut width."
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Wow. I found a demo for one on youtube. I never really liked those until just now, but now they all of a sudden seem so awesome.
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it is very fitting for many styles of music. Weezer, Death Cab For Cutie, Elvis Presley, and ( ) the Damn Dirty Grapes all have bassists who have used theses things. they sound very nice. but you have to play one- it's like playing a Warwick really. you like it or you don't.
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Jazzy, check The Barbecue Song for that bass with a pick and flats :P

But as far as versatility goes, it's really as functionally varied as any Precision. However, you may find it's tone to be a bit more 'broad' or dare I say 'hi-fi', so it might not be as whaley as a Precision bass on certain tracks. It's like a P-Bass, just clearer.

And keep in mind that the '62 American Vintage is about 2.5 times the price of a '51 Reissue, which is about 1/3rd more than a 50's reissue.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..