this i related to an earlier post about effects but i'm going to ask it in a more general manner

is there any way i can have a set group of effects (i.e. a delay pedal, overdrive pedal, tremolo) that i can control the volume of just those effects with a volume pedal?

allow me to exemplify. lets say i have all of the effects set as i desire and activated, and all of them linked to the volume pedal so i'm playing with the volume pedal all the way back and when i reock it forth it fades in that set of effects?

i realize that what i am asking could be figured out by myself through experimentation but i am currently deployed so i am away from my gear.

anyone who knows how to do this, please let me know.

i think i get what you're saying, but it would just change the volume of everything. i think you want to do the same thing as me, which is have a mix of stuff that combines a signal with your effects to a signal without them
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An Effects mix knob, maybe on a mixer. Set up you effects into the mixers loop, and your amp or w/e into a mixer input. Using the efx level knob should let you set a wet/dry type thing, and also fade like that.But i think you would need to build a mix pedal/controller/thingy into your amp if you dont have a mixer.
maybe you can make two signals parallel to each other, so if one of those signals is connected to a volume pedal and when you put it all the way back. you will only hear the other signal, and if you rock the volume pedal forward you will hear more and more of the other signal(maybe with some effects in it). I think it's doable with a mixer. connect your guitar into a splitter so that you have two signals and connect each signal to the mixer. then connect the output of that mixer to your amp. then you have two signals and you can put effects in one(or both) of them.
Hope that's a bit understandable :P
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the bugger is, i have two amps (fender princeton chorus red knobs), and i could do it in stereo, but i simply want the same mono out of both amps.

like i said, i'm in the middle east right now, but when i get home and try something out, i'll let yall know if i nail it, if you're interested
Its easy to do in the studio with somebody working the sliders on a mixer. But a vol pedal wont give you the effect your looking for. You want an expression pedal set up. Many multi effects have this or you would have to mod a pedal such as using the vol pot in your vol pedal wired as the gain knob of a pedal.