I've read some good things about the Gotoh Locking tuners with a vintage look that can fit in a strat. I'm thinking about buying these because my tuners on my strat are often out of tune especially on the G string. I'm just wondering how a locking tuner is different from normal tuners and how it works.

Godin LGXT - tuners are locked in by a clasping thing, it makes the strings unable to warp as much. i do more whammy dives on that than i ever have before and it stays in perfect tune every time
so if you have locking tuners, it'll help your strings stay in tune even when you use whammy bar? I'm not talking about a floyd rose but just locking tuners
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But do you know how it works?? I've seen many pictures but I don't see how it's suppose to be different.
If they are anything like spertzel locking tuners, they have a mechanism inside the string hole that closes on the string. I have these on my carvin and they work wonders.
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With regular tuners, the strings can be pulled about a bit since they're just wrapped aroudn the post of the tuner. Using a vibrato bar like those found on Strats or a Floyd Rose will pull the strings about alot so there's a high chance of the strings slipping.

With locking tuners though, they just clamp the end of the string in place without excess string being wrapped around, so there's no extra string to slip about.

However, the main reason why guitars with vibrato bridges go out of tune isn't the tuners, it's usually a poorly cut nut (often the plastic ones), or it's the bridge itself.
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mr flibble is right. poor quality nuts and cheap bridge metals usually account for most tremolo problems. try a licensed floyd against a original german one. i have locking tuners by planet waves. love em. you pull the string through tight, lock the post in at the back by turning the knob, and tune. they even cut the excess string by themselves. they are a bt cheaper than the schaller and sperzel ones, but i find they work great.

be careful when choosing that you ave the right design for your guitar. no good buying six in line tuners for a les aul that needs a 3 and 3 design.

hope that helps
before you buy anything, try this.

loosen strings. remove springs from back. screw in the spring bracket till its about 1/2 " from the body. install 3 springs.

when you install strings you must tie a knot as listed at fender.com

use graphite lube on the NUT & Bridge