Hello, I have in my possession a YAMAHA F310 dreadnaught, its my first and only guitar ever and with "her" I play some Nick Drake and Bert Jansch tunes. I have the Yamaha for about an year, but lately the buzzing/rattling has become really annoying affecting my playing and my patience... what possible solutions should I reconsider before I go to a guitar shop?

small obs: when I press the bridge, the buzzing stops for a little while... what can be done?

UPDATE: I took all the strings out, and put them again, it seems that now the rattling is more obvious on the 4th string, but the other strings have ceased to rattle... at least until now (knocks on wood 3 times)
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Bring it in to the shop and make the guitar make the buzzing in front of technician. Explain what you've done to it and let them fix it.