Does anyone here have a DigiTech [bass] pedal? Are they good? I'm on a, like, $100 budget and want something good but not too pricey. Any suggestions?
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ive got a digitech whammy pedal. i forget how much it was but it's pretty fun to play around with. i dont know what your lookin for but its pretty cool
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For future reference, when you say "pedals" most people think stompboxes...

That said, I've always liked Digitech's MFX units. They're second only to Line 6 as far as I'm concerned.
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what do you mean pedal you want overdrive, wah, chorus the list goes on or do you mean a multieffects
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I own the digidelay, the multivoice chorus and the BP200.

I love the digidelay and chorus pedal. Fantastic pedals for price. Sound much better than some others I've tried that cost more.

On the multi-effects. Fun but not worth the price. I regret buying mine (even though I used a gift certificate). Its decent for practice, has a nice drum loop function, but pretty useless for performance situations.
bp80 is great for first learning on how to use different effects!
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I have a digitech envelope filter/synth wah and it's fun to play with. Well worth the $90 I paid for it.