first things first sorry if this is in the wrong spot

now that that is out of thw way... I have a problem when I play the guitar. I'm good at jamming and coming up with my own solos and chord progressions that sound good but when I sit down and try and learn a song I can't do it even if it's really simple to play I just can't seem to get it to sound right, play the right speed, etc

help on how to well learn easier I guess would be very helpful
please and thank you
a good way to learn is play along with the song, learn it in sections rather than all at once. then once you can play along with the song, play by yourself but with a metronome to keep tempo
Metronomes are really good tools, i wouldn't have been able to learn classical gas without one, and there are a number of them online (websites, not for purchase)

Also, if you're trying to learn from tab, learn it with a video of what your trying to learn, and dont forget that its upside down in terms of your guitar (e,B,G,D,A,E from finest to thickest) and dont try to learn too much at once.

and my best tip, If your good at what you do, and you've listened to the video/audio, and it still doesnt sound right, then its either the wrong note or the wrong tab
try it with a metronome, it'll help you with the speed and help clean up rhythms, etc.

I'm the same way, and I started using a metronome and life has gotten a lot better
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This is how I usually go about learning a new song. I listen to the song at least 2 times before I even try to play it. This way I can let my ears hear things that sometimes slip by. I pay attention to the chord progression and how things are rhythmically paced. After I got the basics of the song in my head, I start working on the intro or the first 10-20 seconds of the tune. I am just getting the basic stuff at this point. After that I just usually work on small sections of the song at a time. Once I feel I have the structure of the song, then I'll start working on the other things in there, such as picking patterns and fills, solos, etc. etc.

I also use some programs that slow the speed of the song down without changing the pitch (really good for fast parts). Look around the net for them if you should need one.

You should also be prepared to give your ears some time to get good at hearing things in a song. Concentrate on a certain instrument and really try to follow that one instrument throughout the whole song. This should help you separate parts better.

guitar pro is a really great program for learnings songs, you can get all sorts of tabs for it from UG plus it helps with letting you hear what its supposed to sound like as well as comes with a metronome to help you with timing