This may serve as my Declaration of Musical Grievances

I hope its not too rambly and pointless...I just needed to type something.

Let's start this off with saying that I'm a jazz-influenced blues rock guitarist, you know, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers. That type of thing. I don't really sing, but I write lyrics and arrange songs. And every day I get more serious about music


It seems like everyday, a lot of the musicians I am around are getting less serious. Maybe its that we're in high school, actually that's probably it. I prefer music to...whatever other things kids do.

I joined a band, my first, ten months ago. I was a freshman, they were older, and they were jazzed about getting a lead guitarist. It went well...for a while.

That was in February. In March, I joined a jazz combo, a student run thing, that had 2 guys from that first band. Both bands practiced faithfully for two months, it was all good...

Then the jazz combo started getting gigs in May, and the rock band was neglected for a while. Then, after the jazz combo's bandleader graduated, both bands' activities virtually ceased.

Bored, I started a side project in July (supposedly we were going to gig like mother****ers that summer, never happened) with a drummer in my grade. It was just a jam duo, you know, but we wrote a bunch of songs. More then the rock band I'd joined, that had existed for over a year before I'd joined it. We played a couple open mics, the first one good, the second one eh (it was a singer songwriter dominated night, and we were just jamming to Lonnie Mack's "Wham"), but I'm starting to feel confident about this duo.

And so I'm left here. Do I:

Stay in all three bands (I don't do much creatively in the first two)
Quit the first....though that would make being in the jazz combo awkward
Quit the first two...even though it feels like they could be saved
Just kind of ignore the first two and focus on the duo.

If I choose the last, I'd look for a bassist/singer. One other problem, is that its a side project. The drummer is in his own screamo/hardcore/metal band that right now is actually getting stuff done.

I don't know, its all strange. It feels like I shouldn't quit, because its not like anything is going on that inhibits me from doing anything else. And, similarly to me, guys from the first band have joined another, and this one is actually really good.

tl;dr- Should I quit the frozen bands I'm in to focus on a new thing, stay in them for the hell of it and still focus on the new thing, or try and inject life into the frozen ones while playing in the new thing for fun.

The frozen bands, in they're heyday (which seems literally like nine days) were actually really good...and we're all good at our respective instruments. Just not tight.

And giggy.