For Christmas my parents are going to let me pick out an amp and some pedals. For an amp I want I'm getting a decent one that I could play shows with not a practice amp.

I mostly play alternative think Stone Roses esque jangly guitars . I play a little bit of funk-rock and Circa Survive esque stuff as well. But I'm mostly looking for a amp that can give me some nice classic rock distortion and most of all a nice jangly sound.

Also, I'm thinking of saving up for another guitar and I want one that will give me that "jangly" Stone Roses esque, sound as mention, I'm thinking a Strat?
definately get an ac30 i just heard some, and and an overdirve.
for jangly sound get an epiphone archtop like a casino, or a dot deluxe, maybe a tele.
and ac30 can be had used a few months old for 700, the guitar is a resonable price used.
for sure youll need a wah maybe a vox, and nice anolouge delay like and MXR carbon copy, mixed with the ac30 reverb, also a tremolo for old school phsycadelic.
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I thought that Strats had a little more jangle and teles had more of a country twang?
The jangle is just as attainable on both guitars. Teles are more twangy and Strats are more crispy. Try them both and see how you like...oh yeah and a Vox AC30 is a good choice in an amp with a nice OD pedal for the crunch...but it may be expensive. You didn't mention your budget.
Well i'm saving up for the guitar and the amp budgets around 1000 dollars give or take.
i say a fender guitar (strat or tele) + fender Pro junior + some form of OD

OD suggestions:
Ibanez TS9 or TS808
Voodoo labs Sparkle Drive
MXR GT-OD Overdrive
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Digitech Bad Monkey
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vox ac30 and a tele will most certainly start you on your way to a circa survive sound (sweet band, btw). i saw them in may and they were playing tele's through ac30's. those plus an OD and a decent delay will suit you well
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