This thread doesn't have much of a point but whatever.

I tried a couple amps at guitar center.

I tried the Vox Valvetronix, was alright for metal, but nothing compared to the others i tried.

Then I tried the Valveking, and that was a pretty nice amp. Most people say it sounds like a blanket is over it, and ill tell you right now, you just have to E.Q. it and it works amazing. I got metal out of it with out a pedal.

Then the B-52 AT 112. I was playing through on the distorted channel, when bam it shuts off, i turn it back on, no sound, and i turn it off and it make a big pop. Walked away after that.

Then i tried a Peavey JSX, which was pretty amazing. Very versatile but very expensive.

One thing i do hate is that every amp i tried, all the knobs were all the way up. And my guitar was horribly out of tune so i had to tune it.
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You do know you can turn the knobs?
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