pretty sure it's not. Are you just randomly posting pictures and asking if there's a problem or is there a problem with the sound and you're diagnosing the problem?
It's hard to tell how high the action is with a blurry picture, measure it in millimeters please?
Action is to taste, if you're comfortable with how high it is then it's fine
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no but its hardto tell fromthe pics
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the action is supposed to get higher as you go from the nut to the end of the fretboard. it's called bowing, and it's what you want(to an extent). your guitar is perfectly fine.
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didn't you just buy that guitar? why on earth or how would it become warped? there hasn't been any dramatic change in weather recently? you haven't restrung it with higher gauge strings?

it woudl take a while in your attic, like a summer/winter or two of just plain neglect for it to become warped. you would know if it's too high, because it'd be nearly impossible to play well.
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Well sir, my action is about 14 million times higher than yours, and my guitar is fine.
It's fine.
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yeh its warped big time better buy a new guitar

I sincerly hope that was a joke
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I sincerly hope that was a joke

Yes it was.

And looks fine to me.

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I sincerly hope that was a joke

Someone needs a sarcasm detector.
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