im selling my Ibanez GRGM21(A.K.A an Ibanez Mikro) ,its been played,alot,iv had it for about 5 months now,not many scratchs plays very well and is a great beginner guitar,great for metal all though the low tension between the neck and bridge make drop tunings a little harder to play,small scale so if any of you are small or have small children that want to start guitar this is a great one to start with,i purchased this guitar for 140.00$ so im gonna sell it for no less than 100.00$,it also has Ernie Ball power slinky strings on currently all 6,P.M if you are interested in buying,id like to have it sold in 20 days or less

heres the specs----
Neck Type:22.2" scale GRGM,Bolt on neck
Body:Mahogany body
Frets:24 Medium frets
Inlay:Sharktooth inlay
Bridge:Fixed bridge,Hardtail bridge
NeckPU:PSND1(Dual Powersound humbucking pickups)
BridgePU:PSND2(Dual Powersound humbucking pickups)
HW Color:CH


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Anybody looking at this, get it soon. t is a really good guitar, especially for the price.
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