So, it seems that we have our first gig in about two weeks. Its actualy a party that the local kids (i mean teenagers, 16-19) throw every once in a while, ad one asked us if we would play. So we said why not! We are still not 100% sure on the setlist, so i will post that tomorrow, but id does include a hey joe jam, and a knocking on heavens door with an added guitar duel (me and the lead). But im really nervous, cause all 3 other guys in the band have stage experience, but i have never been on stage before. And im really nervous that i will forget the lyrics! I dont think il forget rifs, since that never happened to me before, but i often foget lyrics (mostly the second part in whiskey in the jar) on practice. So any advice about that, and advice for general stuff, like stage presance, would be apreciated!
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During practice, go over the songs you have troubles with, until you're comfortable with them.
then go through the whole setlist.
Honestly, just loosen up; relax. It always seems more intimidating than it is. When you go out on the stage, it just flows. Not many people notice if you screw up anyway. Just don't do it too huge and if you do, just roll with it, don't draw attention to the fact.

I played a show once and the guitarist/vocalist changed the arrangement to a song at the beginning without telling me, so when I was off, rather than going with it (honestly it wasn't so bad that people would notice) he called the song to a halt and made a comment and then started saying we need to restart. That killed the whole vibe for the rest of the show. So avoid calling attention to any mishaps.
Learn and sing the lyrics while listening to the track you want to cover, best way to learn lyrics is just after you wake up when your mind is fresh. As far as stage presence goes, be mobile and have fun, be yourself and i'm sure the gig will go fine.
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the absolute gig tester is playing in front of your parents, its embarrassing and educational at the same time, after that humiliation our first show went smooth.
i already played in front of my parents, and my grandparents. And i even screwd up in betwen, but still pulled it of
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i always need a little herbal courage or liquid courage to get infront of people... but what ever loosens you up should be fine, just dont pay attention to who ur playin to and it should work out, like pretend ur practising or just jaming with friends
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i dont wanna get up there drunk, let alone high. I want to be able to play my best, and as far i know, when my drunknes level goues up, my playing ability goes down (speaking from experience). Maybe i amy throw back a couple of beers tough.
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Don't drink more than two beers before the show--it will kill your concert buzz! The big high you get off of playing for people.

I don't think getting high/drunk before a show is a good idea. If you flub up then, you'll probably flub up big time, and that will not be good for the audience or the band to deal with. And your playing will get weaker....you may not think so, but others may not be so out of their minds to agree on that. I also think getting drunk/high before a show is a cop-out for the weak-minded in the first place.

If all the other people in your band have stage experience, they must think you'll be fine onstage with them to do this.....so take that to the gig for confidence. And then it will all come out great.
As long as you play off any mistakes and never stop playing everything should go fine. Like merfsullivan said don't make a big deal out of mistakes.
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Ok, i have just been informed that we may actualy be needed to pay for the gig!

It goes like this: (big wall of text)
Every year during vacation some kids (teens, as stated before) organize this party, you know, to have a good time, get drunk, meet new people.... And usualy everyone had to pitch in 10eur, for rental of the party space, drinks and (presumably) a PA system. So now one girl whos also the main organizer asked one of the bandmembers if we could play there. So he said he will ask us, and we all said ok, but tell her we want a couple of free beers, and maybe not pay that 10eur. But besides that, we would be playing for free (naturaly, first gig and all). But theres a catch! Aparently that girl has a HUGE crush on our basist (the pretty boy in our band ). And aparently she said that only he can get in for free and have free drinks and stuff, but we must all pay!

So, am i being unresonable, expecting free beer for our first gig? And its not like a 3 song show, we have a 15 song setlist (actualy 10, but we can do an encore if they like us, also we intend to play a couple of songs, tae a break, then play again and so on) But as far as i know, bands, no matter how crappy they are, dont usualy pay in order to do a gig! Im thinking htat if we actualy have to pay (if only 3 of us have to pay, that makes 30eur, and thats not that little), we probably wont do the gig.

So, am i being unresonable, or am i completely right?
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I wouldn't play that show if you have to pay to play. If they wanted you that bad they would let you in for free or even pay for you to play.
Only play if you are going to be selling merch so you can make up for your losses.
You should *never* pay to play a gig. It doesn't make any sense, tell the girl about petrol costs, costs of rehersal space and make her realise that even playing for free is making a loss.

A band is a job and you wouldn't pay your boss to keep your job now would you?

Other gig opportunities will come around. My band made £300 on our first gig.

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thats what i said. so if the girl doesnt get around, theres no gig
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HELL YES! She came around, and the gig is back on!
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Well, the gig is off and im really pissed right now. So hanks for advice everyone, looks like im using it another time.
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well, shes pretty cute, so i wont.

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suposedly no one wanted to pay for the drinks and space in advance. I dont really know exacly, but i think something about that. Oh well, i signed up our band for a festival in december, well see how it will go with that.
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