How can i keep my fretboard clean? I have a rosewood neck, I want to get a new guitar with maple, but right now its rosewood. It gets VERY VERY dirty. Full of grime to the point where you can barely see the inlays sometimes. Is there some sort of lacquer or polish/lub i can put to keep it clean? I used to have this problem with my strings getting dirty too, even though i wiped them, until i got elixirs.

Thanks in advance
wash ur hands after ur fap then play,just wash ur hands, and paper towel off any dust,maybe some windex
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no laquer
no polish
no windex
no water

if it is that bad then I would get some .0000 steel wool. 4 dot. very thin and fragile stuff, it won't hurt your rosewood fretboard. Use it lightly WITH THE GRAIN of the wood. Then you can wipe it down with Guitar Lemon Oil spray or maybe mineral oil. No PLEDGE crap. Fast Fret and Fast Fret wipes are good too.

oh, make sure you cover your pickups when you do this or little tine metal shavings will zoom to them.

search on Cleaning Rosewood Fretboards
a soft cotton cloth is what i use. i just rub with the grain of the wood and it takes off a lot of the gunk that can build up under the strings. sometimes i even dampen it with a touch of water (moist, not wet, then you have to wipe off afterwards). the only other thing i ever use is a toothbrush with very soft bristles, and thats mostly to get into those areas right by the frets that are hard to reach otherwise. basicly just use something soft and clean. then wipe your guitar down after you play so that you dont get that build up.