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that you would keep over UG?

be honest

P.S this exclues search engines such as google, and sites like wikipedia

EDIT: if you don't get the question, is there any SPECIFIC website you prefer to visit than UG?

would you sacrifice UG for that site?
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dont understand the question...
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If you mean community sites, then yes. Lots.
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I don't know if it's a "website," but I'd keep the World of Warcraft servers over UG...

But only cause there's no dancing Night Elves on UG.
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like what u mean sites that ud rather go on then ug???
i love ug so no but if mf went i would cry also lol
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UG has consumed my life. I originally joined UG because I wanted to help motivate myself to play my guitar more. Now I've ignored that instrument altogether and I'm now always sitting at my computer with my hand down my pants and the other hand clicking around UG and posting stupid, pointless comments on stupid, pointless threads.
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#13'm gonna have to go with...

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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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you can't say unless you wanna get banned, but is there one individual site?
No. I value UG over Myspace, Facebook etc.
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Nope. UG is the #1 site. UG FTW!!! *ejaculates*
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UG is my most visited site. All others are inferior.

there are other sites?
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myspace FTW!!!

(but a porn site is even better) LOL
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I used to lurk 4chan major, but that dead horse has been beaten into a pile for decomposition. UG's got the most users discussing different types of interesting or not so interesting things, definitely the most eclectic community despite being made for people who play guitar.

Seriously though, if you say 4chan rules you better have been lurking on there since 2004, because it's been on the downhill slope since that point. No one better say encyclopedia dramatica either, that's the index of the anus of the internet, and lair for newfags.
no, probably not. i use UG more than any other site, and it entertains me more than any other site.

so i dont think id give it up for another site.
UG is.... interesting.

MySpace is mostly now for people I can talk to "irl", as it were. UG gives me access to people in lots of places, although I like MySpace's photo galleries better. I can upload 2968093863 pictures and it won't be thought of as odd.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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MySpace is mostly now for people I can talk to "irl", as it were. UG gives me access to people in lots of places

thats how i feel about it too. the people i talk to on myspace or facebook are people I actually know and see in person.
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for all you guys saying porn, we have the hot chick thread....

Uhh... but the thing about the Hot Chick Thread is that... THERE'S NO PORN!
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I visit 4chon more, but I'm banned right now.
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