I was eyeballing a Mesa cab on Craigslist and it is loaded with black shadows.

I was wondering if these are comparable with any particular celestion speaker? Or do these particular speakers have a tone of there own?

Only asking bescause I prefer V30's but do not like the muddiness of the oversize recto cab. And I found a older Mesa cab with the black shadows on the cheap and was wondering if I should jump on it.

Anyone who has had experisnce with these speakers your opinion would be great!

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If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
I'm not too sure bout the speakers but you can get a mesa stiletto cab which has v30s but isnt oversized
I've heard nothing but good things about the black shadows. People compare them the the CL80, and have a flatter response than the V30
I bought one of these from a guy when I made my cab, so I almost had it figured out at one point.
Check out this thread:

Quote by John Phillips
No. Confusingly, Mesa call all their custom speakers 'Black Shadows'. It's been put on EVs, Celestions (though not the V30 for some reason, even though their version is no longer the same as the standard one) and Eminences.

It's based on Celestion's old G12-80 model from the 1980s - as is the Classic Lead 80, but the MC90 and CL80 aren't the same thing and don't sound the same (or the same as the old 80).

The MC90 is also my favorite speaker. It's very even, chunky-sounding and defined, without the upper-mid peak like the V30. The low end is deeper, the top end clearer and if there is a peak it's in the lower mids. It's definitely not a 'sweet' vintage-sounding speaker but IMO it works really well for most styles while maybe not being the definitive one for any, if that makes sense.