I;ve been playing for almost two years, and I'm startin to look at some pedals. I know the basic types of pedals and what they do and stuff, but some I am slightly confused on. I know the basics like wah, distortion, overdrive, flanger, stuff like that, but can someone give an explanation of some of the others, namely:

Could you just give me a basic explanation of what they do and when they are used, and maybe an example of a song that it is used in? Thanks in advance, your help is greatly appreciated.
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Well I could try and explain each one of them and you still might be lost. Best way to know is to hear it, just head over to musiciansfriend.com and type in delay or chorus or whatever. They always have a little intro in text about the pedals and a sound clip for each so check that out.
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just google them, that's what it was invented for.
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