I wanted somewhat of an upgrade over my Vox 30 AD03VT. I didn't want to spend more than $300 and I wanted a tube amp, so I bought a Crate V33 combo ($250). I play mostly classic rock and blues, but some Radiohead and Museish stuff too. Now suddenly I keep reading about the V-series being subpar etc. What do you think?
It depends, are YOU happy with your purchase?
Because there are some people who can go from a Spider III to a DSL401 and be unhappy(as strange as it sounds)... it's your preference that matters.

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The Palomino's were sweet. The new ones are pretty decent though. Do you enjoy it?

I'd switch out the speakers, but they're pretty nice.
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It hasn't arrived yet. I ordered it a few days ago. I'm just wondering price-wise if you guys think there was a better option...
for the price, i don't think there's anything better
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Where did you order it from? B/c most places have a "Satisfaction Guarantee" where if you don't like it, you can just return it.

I know MusiciansFriend has that...

you might even be able to sell it for more then you paid for it in 6-12 months after they are all gone. I hear the Crates are going away in favor of the Blackhearts (same company). At least the V's. Not sure about the rest actually. Not sure if they just gonna rebadge them or completely change out production or what.
For that price you're getting a hell of a deal.

To really make those sing, however, most recommend changing out the stock speakers in favor of more robust sounding ones.
the price on those are amazing and it stops people from saying i cant afford a tube amp lol
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