A friend of mine is coming over tomorrow and he wants me to teach him guitar. Well i'm not really the best teacher in the world so i need some help. What should i teach him first? He doesn't really know anything. I was planning on showing him some lil riffs that i played that really help me in the beginning. Then some chords and then teach him how to read tab cause that really helped me. What are some other things i could show him? And what is a really simple song that has more then just chords so i can print it off and use as a good example to show him how to read tab?
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cant really go wrong with teaching him how to read tab first of all, then teach him a simple tab where he has to read it and play it, (smoke on the water FTW)

and maybe some basic chords if you have the time

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i guess some basic chords and riffs and stuff. if he wants to keep with it, dabble in some theory
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I find that learning tabs is the worst thing you can do if you want to really start playing music.

It is so f'ing hard to start learning sight reading or learning by ear after you always have the easy way.

But, if you just want to play for your own joy, well, tabs are the easy way.

(I made that mistake and having hard time now. Damn stupid as i was very good at sight reading about 6 years ago when i quit playing piano, it would had come to me in weeks if i had started with notation.)
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The posters above have made some good suggestions. Also force him to make use out of all his fingers.

This, I dont recommend to much theory cause that might throw him off and make him not want to play.
I had a friend do this to me a few weeks ago.

Basically just asked her what she liked, found an easy tab and showed her how to play it step by step until she was getting it right consistently.
I'd say don't start with the guitar right away. Teach him about the basics first and then pick up the guitars and actually play what you talked about.

Teach about strumming, chords, etc... the basics, and then pick a simple song that uses all of the techniques (or specific songs for each technique) and get them down first, and THEN work on tabs. Tabs are so much easier once you know how to do everything like hammer-ons and bends and stuff properly instead of him asking, you doing it once and think he's a pro, you know?

Take it slow.

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