Okay, I am taking up archery again. I used to, then got bored, and now I'm taking it up again.

I'm trying to decide on a new bow.

The one the guy showed me at the shop is the one my dad wants me to get.

One problem, it's a kid's bow.

Now, I have a short draw length (~25"). So a youth bow may be the only thing availanle for me since my draw length.

But I have seen another bow, the Matthews Mustang. It's basically the same thing as far as draw length and draw weight, but it has dampening system (bearings that reduce vibration and stuff during release), and it has a roller guard instead of the cable rod.

The one the guy showed me, the Matthews Ignition, is $350.

The Matthews Mustang is $550.

I am thinking I should buy the Mustang. Think about it, in about 2 years I'm gonna outgrow the $350 one anyway. So why not just buy the $550 and grow into it?

So which one should I buy?
Grow into the bigger one.

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nice discovery, sir.

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Definitely buy the more expensive one and grow into it.
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Definitely buy the more expensive one and grow into it.

This, if you're sure you really want to continue pursuing archery for a while.

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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I do archery, go for quality.
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