guys, my friend wrote this song and it's awesome.
he wrote it all by himself and recorded it.

you guys probably won't believe me or like it after hearing the title/band but it's on itunes now.


it's called "pandamonium" by kewlest kidz all-starz

i know, gay name, but please listen to it

that youtube link isn't the greatest quality since it's a live version, but the itunes version was studio recorded...

you gotta hear the 2 guitar solos too, these kids can PLAY.
PLEASE, i'm begging you guys to buy it on itunes, just .99 cents!

please, leave your feedback to convince others to check it out.
this isn't just another 14 year old kid's song.
Your songs only please. Feel free to ask your friend to join and post it though!
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EDIT: on the guitar
EDIT EDIT: in playing with my guitar