So today, a guy told me he heard I do guitar work. He wants me to thin down the neck of an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2.

This guitar http://www.zzounds.com/item--EPISPII

First of all, I think is shouldn't be too hard, all I need is a rasp, sandpaper, and a finish. I've this stuff before.

How much should I charge...?

I gave him the options of a paint, stain, or oil finish on the neck, so how much should I charge for each of these.

I really have no idea how much it's going to cost! Thanks UG.
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Do you wanna hook this guy up? Or charge what any normal place would charge?
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Well, what would standard cost be? I'll work from there.

He is a friend of a friend, so I might give him a deal. Also, I want to give people a reason to come to me.
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Are you sure his neck can be thinned? I would first drill tiny holes and conferm the depth of the truss rod. even if the truss rod is close to the back you could shape a V which can make the neck feel thinner. go over all the options first, this is an important thing to your customers. I charge a standard bench fee of $50 an hour plus materials. I started out alot lower and Have worked my way up. I give my best deals to my regular customers not my freinds the regular customers are my best advertisement.
well, i'll give you an idea of what my friend charges (he works at a local shop, and does high end repair)...

75/hr, for basic work. (set-up, intonation, etc.)

80 for an EMG install, before pickup purchase.

You may not want to start that high, but that's a professional's cost from around here.

hope it helps? =)

I'm not sure it can be done yet, I'll tell him what needs to be done.

How much buffer room should I keep? I.E. how much wood should hold the truss rod in at the back, like 1/4 inch?
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sounds like a bad idea to me, truss rod depths on those chinese things are always kind of strange.

WITH finish work included, i would charge around 150 dollars... basically the price of a new neck, refinished polyurethane stuff takes FOREVER. the neck shaping will be the fastest part.
Right, I'll just recommend he gets a new neck hahah! I don't wanna **** up his guitar.
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How good is the neck? if he uses heavy strings and puts extra tention on the neck you will have to leave extra meat. The truss rod is probably already 1/8 or less from the back about mid way down the neck( between the 7th and 9th frets). It is installed in and arch with the deepest part around this point. At the end of the day you gotta ask this guy is it worth it. He is going to stack up a sizable bill on a cheap guitar. He might just consider buying a new guitar with a better neck.

Being a good luthier is also knowing when not to do a repair.
This is why I asked here lol!

Ok well, I have explained to him all of these things, and he agrees that it wouldn't be worth it.
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its a bolt-on right?

well, do it, and if you mess it up....get a new neck. and get one that is the way he wants it..lol

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