so i have been playing for just over five months (five months and 13 days to be exact) and i was just wondering whether or not i am where i should be as far as skill level. i can play Seether's Broken from memory nearly perfectly as well as Schism from Tool and Breakdown from Tantric. at this point it usually takes me about two days so be able to play a song decently for example, i began playing So Cold by Breaking Benjamin this morning and after the whole day of practicing i can pretty much play through the song on pretty much both parts (not at the same time). i've also been teaching myself to sweep pick. i've never taken lessons and i'm very good at finger picking. i can play around 25 songs. is this about average for all guitar players after five months of owning the instrument? can some of you guys/girls tell me where you were after five months?

Alternate pick, open chords, basic eq-ing and tone production, and a few songs

This is where the average person who practices a couple hours a week would prolly be after 5 months
I dont really remember where i was since it was about 6 years ago but it sounds like you are on track. Just keep learning things you arent good at like new techniques. Also work on Sight Reading, Music theory and ear training. It's a bit boring and discouraging at times but trust me in the end it'll definitely play off.
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