I am finding moving from regular chords to a barre chord wuite difficult and slow. I am trying this with a metronome, but is there any suggestions on how to speed this up?
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Practice it slow.

I know it sounds like the opposite of what you want to do, but hear me out. You have to establish muscle memory, as well as accuracy before you can go fast. Find the slowest speed on your metronome you can make the transition, then slow it down another 10 bpm. Do it as accurately as possible while staying in time. Do that for a week or two, then gradually bump up the BPM, like 10 a week, until you're playing at speed. If you can't do it perfectly, slow it back down until you can.

Don't be in a rush, speed is a byproduct of steady, accurate practice. Not a result.
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It's a hump you'll get over. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE buddy!
you'll be glad you did. Remember its JUST a hump. and what Garou said is correct.
really its not the speed that matters. its how you position ur fingers. practice all the chords in first position but instead of using your index finger use all ur other fingers. then when ur comfortable with that you can move up easily to the higher frets (which are closer together and easier to position on) and just focus on barring.
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