is there certain things i can only put on it? if its gonna be custom? as in bridge, pickup, pick guard, hardware, necks, etc?
the one im considering getting all ready has a bridge on there and a amp jack, can i take those off and put w/e i want on there

does the year make a difference?

in stead of four like
can i put any kind of pickups or wires in it?
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You mean are there any things you can't put on it?

Well, you'll need to stick to a standard sized tremolo, to fit the route, pickups will depend on how the body is routed. Some are done "swiming pool" style, some are routed for each pickup individually. For the neck, you will need one of a matching scale length, and you may have to do some work to make the neck heel and neck pocket match up, and to line up the holes.

Pickguard won't really matter, as long as it fits the body. You might need to redrill some holes for it.

Hardware like tuners should all fit, you may need to enlarge some holes, or use bushings, which are both simple things to do.

EDIT: Of you mean relocating the jack, that requires some drilling.
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No offence but can you really be that... dumb? Of course you can put whatever electronics, bridge, jack, neck, pickups, pickguard, neck plate, back plate etc etc.

Øttər explains it better ^^ I just can't be stuffed writting all of it out again lol
Good Luck