and get it painted white and get a blood spatter paint job done on it. i go to a trade school and i was wondering what i could have done there so it will cost as little money as possible. there is a cabinet making (not just cabinets obviously lol) shop im gonna have them strip the paint that is already on there. now im not sure where i can get it painted. i dont think i can get it done at school. the only shop in there that does painting is auto body, but that is on metal obviously, so im sure thats way different. any recommendations for the paint job? thx
you can definitely do it yourself.

it'll be super cheap if you follow directions.

if you could get ahold of one of the spray guns and some clear laquer, you would have a good chance at doing it well yourself, assuming you had a guiding hand of one of the profs/teachers.

A lot of us use auto body paint on guitars, it works wonderfully.
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i wouldnt have any place to do it, and i really wouldnt trust myself with it. it would be one thing if it was a cheap guitar but its a 500 dollar guitar and i dont want to mess it up.
would a local music store know of any places i could have it done?