I am a collector/dealer who is getting into guitar more and more. I have various things from mini helmets, some footballs autographed and certified autographed cards and game used jersey cards. If there is something you are intrested in email me. I would be happy to provide my ebay id for you to see some stuff i have sold and make a deal with you. I would be happy selling or trading. I only stock football and baseballs but can get other sports as I have a number of wholesale accounts.

just a couple things

mini helmts
dan marino
troy aikmen
fran tarkenton

tony dorsett/roger staubach

fergie jenkins
Johnny Damon
andre reed

game used cards/ autographs- certified and pulled from pack
joseph addai auto card
several super bowl ticket stubbs
joe montana autograph jersey card is 5x6 approx
chad jackson same as montana
Dan marino jersey card
tony dorsett ( broncos) jersey card

way too much more to list. i also can get adrian peterson merchandise directly from his company.

If you want to buy I take paypal to confirmed addresses.