does anyone freeze up while u play in front of a crowd? i was playing today with the band in front of like 50 ppl, and i suckked ass...i was doing fine at the pratice, but idk what happened... i guess more of a rant than anything
it's ok. I used to get a bad case of death grip when I played in front of crowds. My left hand would press so hard even though i normally played just fine.
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that's funny, I recently sustained an injury in my index finger from a death grip at an open mic night

I think I was a little too worried about barre chords buzzing, so I clamped so hard that I couldn't do any barre chords for a couple of days
Man I want that sort of stage fright.

Can I ask you guys a question? When your band first practices do you guys play just some random stuff or do you play songs that you all know?
Yeah, I've had stage fright ... it's pretty annoying because I play fine usually but this one time I got into this state of mind where I believed I sucked and that made me suck that day