1. i have a broken spider 3 30 watt amp. Could i turn it into a cab?

2. tommorow i was planning on getting a new amp. If i can turn ^^ into a cab should i get a head or like a peavy valveking? my budgets $400. if i get a head. Which one? sry this question isnt worded the best lol
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1. you can use the SPEAKER in a cab from the spider III, and the housing from the amp, but you can't just plug a head into it, you need to take it apart basically, and maybe buy a few parts

2. If you get a valveking combo, you can plug it into the spider III "cab" if you make it, but there's really no point.

get a new amp, combo
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1.) potentially. I suppose you could but the speakers are probably not that great if its only a 30W amp, also they're not gonna be rated much higher than 30W (I'd assume) the only tube "head" you could use would have to be 15w or less

2.) no, see above
wyantsm: the speaker is rated at 30w RMS, so TS can push it to 50 or 60 (a good rule of thumb is a speaker can handle UP TO double its rated wattage). IOW, he if he can find a tube head that's only 30w, it's safe and doable. But you're right about the crap speaker part. TS, the speaker prolly isn't very good anyway.

But if you absolutely want to, just wire a jack to the speaker and plug right in. It's that simple.
mm im probably just gonna get the valve king and then make the line 6 a cab just for the fun of it.
Invader Jim: depending on the head, the (tube) amp can push up to about 1.5 times it's rated wattage, cuz when the signal starts to break up, thats the power rating the amp gets, eventhough with tube amps we turn them up past this point...

he still should be fine but I wouldn't suggest it