hey guys, I was planning on making a homemade pedalboard, I have gathered some plywood from the old entertainment center, like 02? So, I was going to figure out a way to be able to have an on/off LED display on it..... any guides,ideas, anything helps!
well, a pedalboard can be as simple as just a piece of wood with a carpet on it, so you can velcro pedals to it.

if you are talking overall power to the board, first you need to have a powerstrip or something to plug your pedals into...

I would suggest getting a surge protector with like 6 oulets on it. most have a reset switch on them, and when they are on have an LED.. they are less than 10 bucks in Walmart or places like that..

just do that
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thats sort of like that.... I mean like a little show, but not really, just like on the sides, entertainment wise...
It depends on how you are supplying power. Using your power supply you can then light the LEDs.
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