So, I have been playing guitar for about...a year and a half now with the same gear since I started and have been thinking of improving it come Christmas time. I have Affinity Squier Strat with the G-Dec Amp...one of those starter pack things. I have it with a Zoom G1x Pedal, which isn't the best pedal out there but gets the job done. I'm looking for ideas. I am influenced and play a lot of Sublime, RHCP, Beatles, Hendrix, Reel Big Fish, Pepper. I'm into some punk music also but mostly ska-ish music.

I read about some Ibanez guitars that could fit my style but I'm not very sure. I was wondering about amps because I know that your sound is mostly based on your amp.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Are you going to be gigging?
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i would say based on your budget and influences, i would steer clear of the ibanez's. espeically if your gonna have to put some of that money into an amp as well.

but, again, based on your influences you'd probably go well with a MIM strat or tele. but its really up to you. you should go to a guitar store like guitar center or sam ash if you have one near you and try out a bunch and see what you like.
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Are you going to be gigging?


There isn't a Guitar Center or Sam Ash by me. All we have is a Dave Phillips Music and Sound which sells mostly guitars but also sells a lot of other things and instruments. Maybe this weekend I'll go and try out a few