Does anyone know how many guitars are made a year, and ultimately sold? And of the guitars made since Fender, Gibson, et al started making electrics (at least collectable/still playable ones, but not discluding the failed models and limited run guitars), how many of them that were made are still in existing form?

I ask because I wonder how many guitars are actually "in use", how many are still in a playable state, and how many have been destroyed or ruined, used for parts, etc. Logic would dictate that if you could tally up all the guitars lying in basements or attics, or in cases stashed away untouched, etc, it would be more than the amount of people who would have an interest in playing them, wouldn't it? Considering production runs every year has to outstrip how many bands and active players there are to play them, or there wouldn't be guitars available for sale in music stores, online, or so forth. (For players, I would include anyone who would have at least an interest to learn some chords and songs I suppose.)

Or not, I don't know. I'm curious about this in regards to its effect on value and collectability, that kind of thing.

(And please don't respond to this thread by saying how many guitars YOU own and showing gear pics or something like that. That's absolutely not the answer I'm looking for.)
no wait, i have seven, so that brings it to 15.
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no wait, i have seven, so that brings it to 15.

Really? Damnit, this is gonna take a while...
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How can anybody possibly know how many guitars exist in the universe?

That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking how many come off the assembly line or from the luthier in a year. And then what percent get sold, and then how many end up actually getting played. You know, supply against demand?

Is this really over everyone's heads?
have fun finding the stats for how many actually get played
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Yeah, it would be interesting to know but, I am afraid that's like guessing how many breaths people breathe in 8 hours worldwide.........aka good luck.
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Actually I don't think this stuff should be too difficult to find out. It's just going to take a bit of research.

You'll never get an accurate number simply because of the amount of smaller companies you wouldn't think of or independant luthiers making varying numbers each year, but I suppose if you really want an estimate you could contact a few major guitar manufacturers and ask how many units they produce each year.

Follow that up by contacting all major instrument stores or places that have musical instruments as part of their stock and ask how many guitars they order and ultimately manage to sell.

Factor in some percentage of guitars being made and sold by smaller companies/stores/luthiers and you'll get a reasonable estimate of how supply compares to demand.

....on second thought, maybe it will be kinda hard.
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Yeah, it would be interesting to know but, I am afraid that's like guessing how many breaths people breathe in 8 hours worldwide.........aka good luck.

well, a really slow breath is about 6 seconds, and a fast breath takes about 1 second (I counted my own breathing)

so assuming an average of 3 seconds per breath....

60 seconds / 3 seconds = 20 breaths per minute

20 * 60 = 1200 breaths per hour

1200 * 8 = 9600 breaths per 8 hours for one person

6 500 000 000 people on earth * 9600 = 62 400 000 000 000 breaths by everyone on earth per 8 hours.
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