wow pretty good!

It seemed like the guitar was kind of doing the same thing throughout the whole song,
and it might sound better if you switch up the dynamics a little bit so certain sections of
the song stand out. Some of your phrasing was a little repetitive, but the contest people
probably won't notice.
Not bad at all. I would have liked to heard some metal clanging in the intro, a more industrial sound?! The only other thing I noticed was the timing was a little off in some parts. all in all very good though!
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How did you record teh drums using riffworks?
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that was pretty good! I really like the guitar, as far as Halloween though, im not so sure as to how well that fits, the guitar is great though. One thing that made me laugh is when the creepy voice said "you cant handle the truth." And the drums at 4:30 was great stuff. But again, as a song it is really good, but as a Halloween song i cant see it. unfortunately i cant think of anything to help that creepy thing except for adding slower riffs.